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FUNDAES – Federation of Foundations and Associations of Espírito Santo – unites and brings together the entities of the Third Sector of Espírito Santo, and represents its affiliates.

Established in 2002 to strengthen this sector, in view of the lack of a planning culture, lack of financial resources, lack of a professional structure, inadequacy of accountability, non-mandatory publication of financial statements and lack of harmonization of financial statements .



Committed to the qualification of associations and foundations, it encourages good management practices, promoting the professionalization of the Third Sector.

Working in a network with its affiliates and other state federations, with the same purposes, it places itself to articulate and dialogue with companies (Second Sector) and Public Bodies (First Sector), and to expand investment and attention to social outreach projects.

Also committed to the production and sharing of technological knowledge in the Third Sector of Capixaba (Brazil, Espírito Santo), it encourages learning and exchange of experiences and debates on topics of interest to social organizations.

It is placed as a space for discussion of public policies of assistance, prevention and social promotion; articulation and proposition of new political strategies. A space that includes research and the promotion of studies of interest to civil society, the Government and companies, for social advancement.


Hora de balanço

Hora de balanço

Tempo de checagem e de correção de rumos. É o que nos sugere o final de ano, num verão recém-chegado em que mais vida está prometida e na esperança...

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Unite, congregate and strengthen the Third Sector in the State of Espírito Santo and represent the Affiliated entities.


Lead the development of the Third Sector in the State of Espírito Santo in the areas of Social Assistance, Health, Education, Environment, Sports, Culture, Technology, Research and Social Innovation.


Transparency, ethics, commitment, innovation, respect and inclusion.

Governing Body

Fundaes is the maximum entity representing the Associations and Foundations that make up the Third Sector of Espírito Santo. Its activities are structured and organized through the General Assembly, composed of affiliated entities, the Deliberative Council, the Fiscal Council and the Board of Executive Officers.

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