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Vale Foundation offers free courses on Incentive Laws
02 Apr, 2021

Written by Fundaes

The proposal of the Tax Incentive Laws is to allow companies and individuals that declare the Income Tax to allocate part of these amounts to social projects contemplated by these laws. In other words, the government waives the receipt of part of the tax so that this amount is directed to support social, cultural, sports and health programs, strengthening public policies and bringing benefits to many people and communities.

It is through incentivized resources that many organizations have the opportunity to make a difference: whether in their own area of operation, in the locations where they are present or even at the national level.

Understanding that it is essential that these institutions receive guidance and guidelines that contribute to the good management and development of their projects, the Vale Foundation developed two courses in simple and direct language, bringing relevant information with tips and examples that can help in understanding the general context on the topics – in addition to clarifying bureaucratic processes.

The courses are composed of video classes and content in PDF format, which makes access to information even easier.

Learn more at: https://www.fundacaovale.org/materiais/cursos/

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