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Delivery of the Solidarity Lion Trophy
14 Sep, 2021

Written by Fundaes

Fundaes promoted the delivery of the “Solidarity Lion Trophy” to institutions and partners that support the Income Tax Destination via Tax Incentive Laws in the State of Espírito Santo.
Check out where Leão Solidário has been:
👉 Mile4 Communication Advisory
👉 Maely OOH
👉 Federal Revenue of Espírito Santo
👉 VMV Consulting
👉 Prism Marketing Intelligence
👉 Unimed Vitória
👉 Fucape
👉 Accounting Single
👉 Gazette Network
👉 ArcelorMittal
👉 Gleidi Teixeira
👉 OK
👉 artpress
👉 Pocante Network
👉 Lima & Reis
👉 Unimed Sul Capixaba
👉 decolorize
👉 SIcoob
👉 Brametal
👉 Linhares City Hall
👉 Patrick Caldara
👉 Gustavo Mascarenhas Vieira
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