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An Environment for Social Investment
07 Oct, 2021

Written by Fundaes

It is necessary to invest, bet and support those whose horizons are vulnerable

by Robson Melo

Spring has arrived. Hope is renewed and strengthened. The month of October lights up the signal that it is necessary to plan for the coming year. This is common in companies. A lot of information, data, expectations are put on the table so that, through combined, planned actions and measures, forecasts and bets are confirmed in the year to come.

It is important, at this moment, that the plans being developed “visit” social responsibility in order to influence the budget to also “see” projects and entities that “realize” the corporate social footprint.

It is necessary to invest, bet and support those whose horizons are vulnerable. Therefore, it is also time for solidarity, especially in times like the current one.

It is also worth mentioning that even in this quarter, there is still time to allocate and donate resources, with incentives or not, in a safe environment, where dreams and accomplishments take place, opportunities for new horizons arise. And this environment is in the Third Sector.

In the State of Espírito Santo, the Third Sector unites and strengthens itself in the Federation of Foundations and Associations – FUNDAES, bringing together entities from a wide spectrum to create opportunities for social investment. There, philanthropic institutions and institutions for the defense of social rights are gathered to provide social assistance to children, young people, the elderly, families, articulating and complementing the State in its duty to serve everyone, especially the most vulnerable; community development in urban and rural areas, building bridges between commerce, production and local development itself; the promotion of training and education, in the perspective that people become free and subjects of their own personal and professional development; the improvement of public policies in the fields of social assistance, defense of human rights, health and education; articulation with companies to encourage and support the exercise of corporate citizenship in the face of social inequalities and environmental issues.

In this sense, the partnership between sectors must and can be constituted as a platform and even funds for social investment to be oriented. Thus, one can dream of concrete and viable plans, based on fiscal education that results in benefits for social projects.

Educating, forming opinions and promoting the culture of spontaneous or incentivized donation of financial resources is part of FUNDAES' portfolio of actions.

So it's going to be the New Year's Eve song that says: “Goodbye old year, happy new year. May everything come true in the year to be born. Lots of money in your pocket, health to give and sell”. Health, or rather well-being, broad, sanitary, economically, socially. In short, “no family without any horizon”.

And next year we will sing “a dream that you only dream is just a dream. But a dream that you dream together is reality.”

Robson Melo is President of Fundaes, Federation of the Third Sector in Espírito Santo.

Article published in ES Brasil Magazine on 10/06/2021.

An Environment for Social Investment



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