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Get to know Banco Bem, a project that created opportunities in the outskirts of ES
12 Aug, 2022

Written by Fundaes

For at least 16 years, Território do Bem has been resisting and building new narratives and perspectives designed to empower communities. However, it was not always like this.

The region made up of the neighborhoods Bonfim, Itararé, Gurigica, Floresta, Engenharia, São Benedito, Bairro da Penha, Consolação and Jaburu has always featured in the news only in the police section, stigmatized as a violent and dangerous region.

It is a pioneering initiative in the country in mobilization actions, such as the community bank Banco Bem, founded in 2005, which has become an inspiration for many other places.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the project was once again innovative in supporting families and encouraging local commerce through the social currency e-money, transferred directly to the accounts of impoverished families and those of small traders.

More than 30 thousand people live there and less than 20% of the workers have a formal contract. In a survey carried out in the Territory's communities in 2019, access to banking services was the service most requested by families.

In total, the community bank has already lent more than R$ 2 million to residents of the communities, as most of them were unable to obtain credit from other banks.

Since 2005, 374 loans have been made. Immediate consumption, with 700, and productive credit, which has already benefited more than 530 traders, 70% women, collaborating with the creation of new businesses or with the improvement of enterprises.

With the social currency Bem e-dinheiro, the bank collaborates with the circulation of local wealth, by encouraging purchases to be carried out in the territory's commerce. Before on paper, now the currency works in app and card.

Check out the full report in the video below.


Source: https://www.folhavitoria.com.br/geral/noticia/08/2022/video-salve-comunidade-entenda-como-a-sustentabilidade-e-inovacao-ajudam-moradores-da-periferia

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