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The Associação Albergue Martim Lutero, for 30 years, aims to support people from the interior of the state of Espírito Santo who seek hospitals in Greater Vitória for specialized medical treatment.


ACACCI develops a comprehensive assistance program aimed at children and adolescents with cancer. But this is not enough to offer them and their families the best conditions during treatment.


The purpose of ADIES is to disseminate knowledge about diabetes mellitus in order to improve the quality and life expectancy of its patients and also to facilitate the coexistence of their families with diabetes.


Afecc aims to educate, prevent, diagnose, treat, rehabilitate, provide integrated social assistance and reintegrate cancer patients into the community.


This is the great contribution that AMAES has brought: to join the ranks in the fight for the guarantees and rights of autistic people.

Recreational and Cultural Association Mocidade Unida da Glór

Atelier of Ideas

A social organization, producer of social solutions and technologies for local development in Território do Bem and other peripheral regions of Greater Vitória.


CIEE-ES is a non-profit civil association governed by private law, recognized as a social assistance entity that, through various programs and projects, provides adolescents and young people with comprehensive training.

Awaken to Life

The Despertar para Vida Experience Center-CVDVIDA is a space dedicated to the care of people with syndrome, disorder, disability and learning difficulties.


FAESA is one of the best university centers in Brazil. At FAESA, everything is connected, theory walks with practice and is updated all the time.


FOCO has been working since 1999 to strengthen the links between communities, schools and companies through programs for the development of Sustainable Communities, the Escolaí Network and the Blend Program.

Fucape Institute

It is a non-profit organization that promotes social prevention of health, safety and sustainability, through the free dissemination and application of social technologies that promote social development.


FUCAPE is in the select group of Higher Education Institutions (IES) in Brazil that have a score of 5 (maximum score) in the evaluation of the MEC (Ministry of Education), in the General Course Index - IGC.

ArcelorMittal Foundation

Fundação ArcelorMittal Brasil develops social projects in the municipalities where ArcelorMittal is present, benefiting around 400 thousand people a year.


The Fundação Beneficente Praia do Canto (FBPC) is a non-profit, social, sporting and educational civil entity.

Carmen Lucia Clinical Foundation

Its mission is to improve the quality of life of families, promoting health, education, social assistance and responsibility, through humanized services.

Demanding Love Support Group - Jardim da Penha

Founded on 06/30/2002. Its main activity is Activities of Associations for the Defense of Social Rights.


The ABEQUAR INSTITUTE: is a Civil Society Organization - CSO, without economic purposes, legally constituted as a legal entity, intended to carry out socio-educational activities for human and social, socio-environmental and technological promotion.

EDP Institute

The EDP Institute is a relationship platform with stakeholders that, in some way, are linked to the socio-environmental dimension of the company.

I Chose to Wait Institute

Campaign with the purpose of encouraging, strengthening and guiding Christian singles to wait until marriage to live their sexual experiences.

Environmental and Social Harmony Institute

The Environmental and Social Harmony Institute's mission is to promote social inclusion, prioritizing human beings at risk, creating a condition for family sustainability.

John XXIII Institute

The children and adolescents assisted by the Institution experience experiences where respect, kindness and cooperation are attributes of conduct for all.

Institute every corner

The Todos os Cantos Institute – ITC is a non-economic association governed by private law, headquartered in the city of Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo.

Instituto Unimed Vitória

Instituto Unimed Vitória is a non-profit organization that aims to promote health through culture, community development, education, sport and the environment.

Social Organization What Was Missing Arrived

It carries out several social and cultural projects, which benefit members of the association and residents of the Goiabeiras region and neighboring neighborhoods.


ROCHATIVA is an Association of Social Activities of the Ornamental Stone Sector of Espírito Santo, with headquarters and forum in the municipality of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim-ES.


SECRI is a non-profit civil institution that, for over 30 years, has been dedicated to working with families in the São Benedito neighborhood and neighboring communities in the city of Vitória/ES.

Education for Freedom

Education for Freedom is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-political Civil Society Organization (NGO) that works in the education of children between the ages of 6 and 14 after school hours.

Green House Project

It is a non-profit organization that develops actions that aim to generate income, work opportunities, education for professional qualification and, above all, guarantee the rights of children and adolescents.

Foundations Innovate

Non-profit foundation that aims to enable research, development and innovation solutions integrated with teaching and extension for the sustainability of agricultural, environmental, sociocultural and technological activities, national and international.



Singular is a company totally focused on the third sector. The great differential is the specialization and the constant study of subjects related to Associations and Foundations.


Prisma is a marketing intelligence company, with more than 30 years in the market, with an eye on the present and attuned to the future.

3 is even

3 é Par has works aimed at the Third Sector, with solutions aimed at its characteristics and reality.


Mile4 produces with versatility and focus on results to ensure good communication between customers and their stakeholders, through the most diverse vehicles and communication platforms.

Pocante Network

Mission to make Third Sector Organizations more professional and capable of carrying out their activities more autonomously, in order to contribute to the development and prosperity of these organizations.


Focusing on social responsibility and project design, fundraising, project management, innovation and credibility, VWV offers third sector organizations and companies, consulting and advisory services efficiently.

Lima & Reis

Lima & Reis aims to build partnerships with customers, through a close relationship, which allows to know the activities developed by the entities.

Projects with Incentive

It offers the right project for companies that invest in social, cultural and sports projects according to their region, corporate governance, availability of funds, incentive law and objectives to be achieved.
Lab Consultoria e Publicidade


White Eagle Group

The Águia Branca Group, headquartered in Espírito Santo, operates throughout Brazil in passenger transport services, dedicated logistics, cargo transport, light vehicle rental (corporate and personal), fleet outsourcing, mobility platform and vehicles.

Maintaining Partner


One of the biggest miners in the world. It has overseas operations covering around 30 countries that share the mission of transforming natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development.


It produces high quality long and flat steel for the automotive, home appliance, packaging, civil construction and shipbuilding industries.


Sicoob is today the largest cooperative financial system in the country, with more than 5 million members and operations in all Brazilian states.
FUNDAES is affiliated to the Brazilian Confederation of Foundations – CEBRAF