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Solidarity Lion

 Meet loyal, the sympathetic lion

This is the time to make a difference. Allocating part of the Income Tax to the third sector is a humanitarian action that can significantly help to reduce social impacts among the most vulnerable.

Destining your Income Tax is a matter of citizenship and an act of solidarity.

Make your destination and help a social project through the Municipal Funds for Children and the Elderly and the Sports, Culture and Health Incentive Laws.

Let's go together?


Entrega do Troféu Leão Solidário

Delivery of the Solidarity Lion Trophy

Fundaes promoted the delivery of the "Solidarity Lion Trophy" to institutions and partners that support the Income Tax Destination via Tax Incentive Laws in the State of Espírito Santo. Check out where Leão Solidário has been: Mile4 Communication Advisory Maely OOH...

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