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Solidarity Lion

 Meet loyal, the sympathetic lion

This is the time to make a difference. Allocating part of the Income Tax to the third sector is a humanitarian action that can significantly help to reduce social impacts among the most vulnerable.

Destining your Income Tax is a matter of citizenship and an act of solidarity.

Make your destination and help a social project through the Municipal Funds for Children and the Elderly and the Sports, Culture and Health Incentive Laws.

Let's go together?


Dia Nacional de Combate ao Câncer Infantil

National Day Against Childhood Cancer

Today (23/11) is the National Day to Combat Childhood Cancer, it is estimated, annually, about 8,460 new cases of cancer in children under 20 years of age in Brazil. Of these, about 140 cases would be in the state of Espírito Santo. In our country, as well as in countries...

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AAMA – a mais nova instituição a se filiar à Fundaes

AAMA – the newest institution to join Fundaes

On September 22, Fundaes was pleased to receive as an affiliate of AAMA - Marilândia Environmentalist Association. In a meeting with AAMA representatives Bruno Jorge Demuner Magalhães Salles and Bruno Ramos, it was possible to learn more about the history and...

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Dia do Educador Social

Social Educator's Day

On September 19th, National Social Educator Day is celebrated. The Social Educator represents one of the great possibilities of real transformation of society, with regard to the social and educational awareness work that is carried out with people...

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